This is the official site  for the Sherman Hill Road Improvement and Service District Board.


Our Mission

The Sherman Hill Road Improvement and Service District (hereafter “District”) operates under the Improvement and Service District Act (W.S. 18-12- 101 through -140) (the “principal act”).

The goals of the District are to improve the roads and associated drainages within the District, thereby improving the quality of the transportation corridors and ultimately the safety of the District’s residents.

Requirements pertaining to elections and changes in the organization of the District, where the principal act is silent or unclear, are governed by the Special District Elections Act of 1994 (W.S. 22-29- 101 through -601).

The District is a political subdivision of the State of Wyoming [W.S. 18-12- 103(b)], and is subject to the laws pertaining to public meetings (W.S. 16-4- 401 through -408).

In addition to the foregoing, the laws and regulations governing the affairs of this District shall consist of bylaws as from time to time amended; any rules, regulations or procedures adopted by the District, whether or not included in the bylaws; and the provisions of any law of the State of Wyoming which govern or regulate any aspect of the affairs of the District.